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What is Anti-Aging Rejuvenation

During my many years of exploring and performing healings, I have been exposed to a healing modality I never thought could be possible, but through my experience this modality has taken it's own place in my list of healing methods.

Through guidance I have been introduced to Anti-Aging Rejuvenation which is an energy healing method going back into a particular healthy time in your life and by reinforcing your cellular makeup learning again your healthy place you were in many years ago. Your body/cells are re-learning healthy behavior again. In another way to express it,

"Turning Back The Clock". This is all YOU.

Anti-Aging Rejuvenation simply means our cells, our molecular makeup, has been compromised not only through our toxic environment but also through our emotions in reaction to events in our lives, our negative thoughts that also have a powerful influence in our whole system.

When we were born most of us had a very good healthy immune system, good healthy bone structure, brain function, our cells were new and healthy.

Through time our toxic environment, our negative thinking, our emotional reaction to different traumas in our lives have taken a toll on our whole celluar makeup, thus producing depression, addiction, anxiety and many other illnesses including chronic.

Through Anti-Aging Rejuvenation method it is possible to rejuvenate our body to feel who we really truly are, exposing our true healthy selves.

What are these sessions?

There will be three sessions:

The first session is one hour long. The second and third sessions will be 30 minutes long.

A photograph of you will be taken before the first session begins.

The first session we will go into your life, your background focusing on your weaknesses, your total makeup of who you really are. What your goals are will be also looked at.

Everyone has negativity within and around them, especially when you age because of your many experiences. This negativity will be addressed and resolved before work begins. To be fully healed, in my opinion, cannot take place with this negativity looming as it blocks the healing energy process within you.

One of my clients  described described their first session this way:

"I feel I have gone on a journey of my own life remembering key aspects of my life and came out of this personal journey totally relaxed, feeling lighter and more positive. It felt like a whole dark cloud has been lifted and I can see so much more clearly now, emotionally and physically. " I am totally amazed by this new experience.

Beth - Rhode Island

Some people have seen a huge difference with their hair for example. Some people mentioned where their hair loss was is now new hair has grown back, now having thicker healthier hair.  

The same as with  other clients have also mentioned their neck area have lesser lines and the deeper lines have now become less noticable.  Some have even been told they have "spring in their step".

This is all very nice, but what I really want to stress is your healing within you is the most important aspect of these sessions.  What goes on within you mirrors your exterior.  

Before you have the second and third sessions you will be asked to really ask yourself what needs to be addressed further, such as strenghtening your immune and or metabolism for example. Whatever your issues where, or perhaps recognizing new ones.

Sessions 2 and 3 will be the same as the first. These sessions will cover what needs to be looked at, like finishing off the issues of the first session.

A photo of you will be taken after the third session is completed. You may see a positive difference like many of my clients have experienced. Again, it is all up to you.

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